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Begin Your Journey Today

“We invite you to stop by, try a nutrient rich cold-pressed juice or superfood smoothie, take a yoga class with one of our certified instructors, connect with others who are passionate about wellness and begin your journey towards your most balanced self.”
Alicia and Marius Maciulis – Owners 

About Roots

ROOTS JUICE CO. & WELLNESS STUDIO is a cold-pressed juice bar and wellness studio located in the historic district of downtown Garden City, Kansas. We strive to create a healthy, energetic environment for our customers to connect as a community and improve their quality of life. We are committed to helping our customers build balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as to fostering friendships and community. Restoring health and balance through whole foods and holistic exercise is at the heart of our company.

Just like the roots of a plant connects to its environment for nourishment and growth, ROOTS JUICE CO. & WELLNESS STUDIO strives to serve this exact function in order to connect people and to nourish them wholly – body, mind and soul.